YES Bank stock adequately captures positives; share price target Rs 16 50, says Nomura

On the other hand, the number of shares outstanding almost always remains the same. Therefore, market value changes nearly always occur because of per-share price changes. If the book value is based largely on equipment, rather than something that doesn’t rapidly depreciate (oil, land, etc.), it’s vital that you look beyond the ratio and into […]

Marginal Cost Formula Definition, Examples, Calculate Marginal Cost

You can also use it to find the balance between how fast you should produce and how much production is too low to help growth. Your marginal cost pricing is $5.79 per additional unit over the original 500 units. In this example, you can see it costs $0.79 more per unit over the original 500 […]

Buy on Credit: Definition, Meaning, and Origin

Trade credit is a helpful tool for growing businesses, when favourable terms are agreed with a business’s supplier. This arrangement effectively puts less pressure on cashflow that immediate payment would make. This type of finance is helpful in reducing and managing the capital requirements of a business. The reverse situation also needs to be considered; […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Bookkeeping Basics

Accounting is at the core of most ERP systems used by businesses to manage key operations such as sales, inventory, and customer relationships and thus the overlap between them. The ability to close the books and prepare financial statements is a vital activity for an accountant. Balance sheet, income statement (also called profit and loss […]